Hiking Recommendations near Luray, Virginia

Luray, Virginia is right in the middle of so many amazing hikes, it's a perfect destination to get out and explore. From Shenandoah National Park to Washington Jefferson National Forest, there are plenty of options depending on your skill level and time. 

Things to Know Before You Go

This area of the country is a great place for hiking, but is very popular, if you are going to hike one of the more recommended/well known trails, I would definitely recommend getting started early. 

Also take driving time into consideration when planning your adventures. the Hillside House and most of Luray is roughly 20 minutes to the Thornton Gap Entrance of Shenandoah National Park, but because the park is very long and narrow with one road, it could take you more time to get to the trailhead. 

If you are hiking in SNP, look up what mile marker the trail head is nearest to, you may lose maps as you head into the park, but skyline drive has mile markers that can give you a heads up when you are close!

Definitely don't forget some hiking basics whenever you head out: A paper or downloaded map (cell service can be bad!), plenty of water, and food. Bug Spray is always a good thing to have on hand as well, and in the summer months be sure to check for ticks when you are done hiking. 

Easy Hikes

Mary's Rock 3.1 miles, 780 ft. elevation

22 minutes from Hillside House

The North approach is shorter, but both lead to a stunning rocky outpost to take in the mountains

Hawksbill Greenway 3.3 miles in total

10 minutes from Hillside House

Paved walked trail by the creek downtown, grab some coffee before at Gathering Grounds

Sugarloaf Loop 4.5 miles, 915 ft. elevation

33 minutes from Hillside House

Great beginner trail, great views right from the start!

Little Stoney Man Loop 3.3 miles, 807 ft. elevation

35 minutes from Hillside House

Classic, rocky views and lots of parking. Plus right near the resort in the park that has a little restaurant and gift shop for afterwards!

Challenging Hikes

Kennedy Peak Loop 9.5 miles, 1624 ft. elevation

19 minutes from Hillside House

Can be challenging, but great view of the valley and a viewing tower at the end to see out

Old Rag Mountain Loop 9.5 miles, 2,683 ft elevation

42 miles from Hillside House

Iconic Shenandoah National Park Hike. Requires some rock scrambling, but also amazing views and quite a workout! Be sure to get to the trailhead early, especially if planning on visiting on a weekend.

White Oak Canyon and Cedar Run Trail Loop 9 miles 2,372 ft. elevation

54 minutes from Hillside House

Great hike with lots of waterfalls and swimming holes. Less popular and a little quieter - Perfect for a day with low visibility! 

Overall Run Falls 6.5 miles 1,604 ft elevation

34 minutes from Hillside House

Great hike down to the waterfall with beautiful views and great spots of picnicking. Tough uphill on the way back.