Visiting the Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns is the largest cavern on the east coast and a must see if you are in the area! Plus it's less than 10 minutes from the Hillside House! It's one of the area's largest attractions and therefore it's usually incredibly busy, so here are a few tips & recommendations to make your visit easier.


If you can, buy tickets in advance on their website Currently rates are $32/adult and $16/child. If you buy them online, you can skip the massive line when you get there and head straight into the caverns. 

Looking for a deal? If you are a Giant grocery rewards card holder, you can get buy one get one 50% for adult tickets! In order to do this though you will need to go to the ticket booth instead of purchasing online, so we would suggest trying visit then during the week or not on a popular weekend to avoid the lines.

What to Expect 

We always suggest bringing a sweater in to the caverns - it will stay 54 degrees year round, so be prepared!

During COVID they went to self guided tours, so you will walk the path through the caverns and get to see all of the unique formations. 

The entrance is step free making it easily accessible to anyone! The walk is just under a mile and very doable with easy paths that are well lit. 

Photography is allowed and encouraged! Be sure to turn cameras to dark light mode with a low shutter speed for the best pictures - but keep you hand steady! Not the best photographer? No worries, there's a gift shop available with beautiful prints and postcards for you to take home instead.

Other Activities at the Luray Caverns

There's plenty more to do at this location if you are interested!

Grab Lunch at HeartPine Cafe

After exploring the caves, grab lunch at Heartpine Cafe, It's nothing very fancy, but they have a beautiful patio and serve beer and wine. There is also Stalactite Cafe on site as well!

Explore the Car & Carriage Museum 

Perfect for kids that love anything with an engine (or adults too!) This extra museum is free for ticket holders and offers lots of cool old cars. 

Learn more about the area at the Shenandoah Heritage Village

This 3-acre museum complex offers lots of detail and rich history about Luray and the surrounding area!

Enjoy the Toy Town Junction Museum

Perfect spot to show kids old toys pre iPhone era! How many do you remember?!

There is also a Garden Maze and Ropes Course on site as well available at an additional charge! Plus picnic tables that you can stop and eat some lunch at as well.