Our Favorite Activities for Kids in Luray

There are so many fun things to do as a family and with kids in Luray, it's a great way to spend spring break as a family or for a fun summer getaway. From hiking to caverns to cows and more, there's a little bit no matter what your family is interested in! Here are a few of our favorites

Hawksbill Greenway

8 minutes from Hillside House

The Hawksbill Greenway is a wonderful paved walkway through downtown that follows the river. It's a great place to see ducks, fish and birdies. Plus, one end loops around a cow pasture to check out more animals! Stop by Broad Porch Coffee or Main Street Flavors for a treat along the way!

Wisteria Farm and Vineyard

18 minutes from Hillside House

Looking for a few more animals? Check out Wisteria Farm & Vineyard to say hello to all of their chicken, sheep and other farm animals! Enjoy their walking paths and of course a glass of their great vino is never a bad option! 

Lake Arrowhead

17 minutes from Hillside House

A great way to cool down in the summer is spending the day at Lake Arrowhead Recreational Park! Just outside of town, this stunning lake has a great beach for sand castles and beautiful mountain views! Kayaks and Canoes are available to rent, along with lots of other activities like volleyball, basketball, horseshoe pit, picnic shelters and hiking! Plan a picnic and enjoy a lake day in the mountains! 

Go See the Luray Caverns

10 minutes from Hillside House 

The Luray Caverns is a staple if you are in the area, and kids will love it just as much as adults! Go on a cave exploring adventure with lots of crazy views! Pick out your favorite formation and learn about the cave with the self guided tour. For more recommendations and suggestions, check out our Luray Caverns recommendation page!

Enjoy the Hillside House

We hate to brag...but the Hillside House is a great place for kids of all ages! We have 2 acres of lawn perfect for tag, yard games, and catching an unforgettable sunset. Plus inside we have lots of board games, coloring books and more.